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Christian Inspiration : Christ, Sananda, mercurius, laughter, and bliss











Mythologically Mercurius is equated with the Fool in the tarot deck. This card then became The Joker in a deck of conventional playing cards.

In west coast North American aboriginal cultures such a being was represented by the cosmic Raven, who was constantly playing jokes upon the people of the land. In other similar mythologies Mercurius was called the Trickster. This is because the two anthropomorphic traits which adhere to all mercurial characters are pranksterism and delight.

It is through such characteristics that we may find the mercurial aspect of Christ. For Christ is not just a suffering savior. Not in my experience anyway. In fact, in one of my most precious visions of Christ, I see him full of jocularity and laughter, his soul dancing in rhythmic ribaldry, and his eyes glistening with tears of mirth.

It is perhaps for this reason that Christ is known as Sananda within the mystical community of India, for the Sanskrit word ananda means bliss.

            I think I love him more this way than any other. Perhaps this is because I have experienced Christ to be most often a hard and brutal lover of mankind; and I know that he is this way not for himself, but for those of us who need him. But when his tireless work is done, I see that he returns again to merriment, dance, and play, and so fills this universe with his greater nature, which is a banquet of bliss, and love, and laughter. Amen.


Excerpted from:


OM, Baby! a pilgrimage to the eternal self      

by Jack Haas







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