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To be in awe, in rapture, in wonder, is to be close to om.

Below is a vast list of excerpts from:


way of wonder, sacred geometry, sri yantra



THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves      

by Jack Haas     


The image on the cover is a Sri Yantra, which is the visual symbol seen during deep meditation on the sound of om.




CHAPTER 1: Rapture

Satori, rapture, original mind, mystery, apotheosis, wonder, and E. M. Cioran

Leo Tolstoy, Rumi, Osho, Thomas Carlyle, and the mystery of self: who am I?

Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda, Osho, William James, the unfathomable world of miracle

Henry Miller, Sam Keen, Nikos Kazantzakis' Last Temptation of Christ, and wonder

Aleister Crowley, Osho, Henry Miller, Albert Einstein, wonder, genius, and mysterious miracle

Albert Schweitzer, Walt Whitman, Swami Premgeet, wonderment, vision, logic, and exaltation

Carl Jung, D. H. Lawrence, John Claypool, Guillaume Apollinaire, and the Motherly Buddha

CHAPTER 2: The Myth of Knowing

Winnie the Pooh, children, school, indoctrination, dogma, incarceration, and the innocent mind

Bertrand Russell, J. Krishnamurti , E. M. Cioran, corrupt society, false problems, and reality

Henry Miller, Grace Llewellyn, The Teenage Liberation Handbook, society, and school

Swamiji Shyam, Thomas Carlyle, teachers, mentors, knowledge, and false learning

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, E. M. Cioran, false ideas, false education, mystery, and wonder

Sam Keen, H. L. Mencken, Lord Byron, knowledge, wonder, academia, and existence

Samuel Becket, J. Krishnamurti , Rumi, Kabir, knowledge, words, misery, and reason

E. M. Cioran, Ernest Becker, Denial of Death, fantasy, absurdity, knowledge, and nonsense

Don Juan, Cioran, Gods, inertia, wonderless society, eternity, magnificence, and nonsense

Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Alan Lightman, mystery, life, and this marvelous existence

William Shakespeare, Bob Marley, slavery, knowledge, heaven, earth, miracle, and mystery

Lao Tzu, Herakleitos, Henri Barbusse, truth, learning, meaning, and self-deception

Osho, Ernest Becker, John Van Druten, miracle, enigma, and this incomprehensible world

Alan Watts, J. Krishnamurti , Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Thomas Carlyle, symbols, words, and reality

Gregory Palamas, Cioran, language, definition, words, verse, beauty, and mystery

Don Henley, Lao Tzu, Swamiji Shyam, language, understanding, Tao, knowledge, and wonder

Rumi, Henry Miller, Aldous Huxley, Anais Nin, mystery, knowledge, and ignorance

Henry Miller, Socrates, Winnie the Pooh, implausibility, sense, wisdom, and knowing nothing

CHAPTER 3: The Art of Forgetting, or, Epistemological Surrender

Krishnamurti , Friedrich Nietzsche, truth, the world, and unknowing the paradigm

Yoda, Chuang Tzu, learning, forgetting, and the Cloud of Unknowing

Dan Millman, knowledge, humility, surrender, reason, unknowing, and mystery

Henry David Thoreau, Jean Paul Sartre, knowing, meaning, existence, and mystery

Lao Tzu, freedom, unknowing, absolution, solution, cognition, knowledge, and wisdom

U. G. Krishnamurti , J. Krishnamurti , Hazrat Inayat Kahn, and the Cloud of Unknowing

Blaise Pascal, Joel Goldsmith, Hermetica, Osho, knowledge, reality, and understanding

Dogen, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Samuel Becket, concepts, meaning, and incomprehension

T. S. Eliot, Jiddu Krishnamurti , Anais Nin, Clarice Lispector, memory, God, and poetry

Astavakra Gita, Henry Miller, Swamiji Shyam, forgetting, genius, and not knowing

T. S. Eliot, U. G. Krishnamurti , caterpillars, butterflies, infinity, knowledge, and spontaneity

Kabir, William Blake, Nietzsche, knowledge, ecstasy, drunkenness, and the doors of perception

CHAPTER 4: Organic Mysticism, or, The Tao of Ignorance

Chuang Tzu, Franz Kafka, Zen Master Fenyang, enlightenment, self control, and mysticism

Zen Master Lingi, Oscar Wilde, wonders, mystery, life, suchness, and glory

The kun byed rgyal poi mdo, Osho, organic mysticism, nature, morality, and mystery

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Osho, sannyas, spontaneity, nature, the imprisoned mind, and wonder

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Clarice Lispector, miracle, life, understanding, false society, and beauty

Neale Donald Walsch, Helena Blavatsky, Zen Master Lingi, God, emptiness, and liberation

Jiddu Krishnamurti , Zen Master Huanlong, Osho, yoga, meditation, rumination, and being natural

Lao Tzu, Ram Dass, unknowing, discipline, knowledge, and the mystery of being

Sam Keen, Chuang Tzu, Osho, knowing, authentic existence, innocence, and mystery

Meister Eckhart, Astavakra Gita, Gary Zukav, Carl Jung, understanding, and agoraphobia

Richard Moss, Osho, conventional thinking, ignorance, realization, and childlike wisdom

Chuang Tzu, Dostoyevsky, the Idiot, Prince Myshkin, intelligence, innocence, and wisdom

Dan Fogelberg, Iris Dement, Aleister Crowley, innocence, knowing, realization, and mystery

Andre Gide, Howard Nemerov, Zen Master Dahui, the way, no mind, and wonder

CHAPTER 5: From the Orient

Seung Sahn, Zen Buddhism, the Secret of the Golden Flower, and life's koan

Seng T'san, Hui Neng, Zen koans, Buddhism, the Buddha, and life's inexorable mystery

Shen Tao, Zen Master Xiatang, Zen Master Foyan, illusion, wisdom, emptiness, and wonder

Lao Tzu, Jack Kerouac, Sri Nisargaddata Maharaj, Tao, wisdom, and wonder

Bhagavad Gita, Kena Upanishad, Mahadeviyakka, unwisdom, concepts, and life's miraculous dance

CHAPTER 6: From the Occident

Kabbala, Nikos Kazantzakis, Osho, Adam, Eve, Eden, and good and evil

Eom Ida Mingle, Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and life

Meister Eckhart, the Cloud of Unknowing, beatitude, blasphemy, mystics, and God

Thomas Merton, Eom Ida Mingle, the Dhammapada, contemplation, and mystical Christianity

Austin Osman Spare, Rumi, Sayings of the Desert Fathers, and Catholic neutrality

Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Restorus, Christ's teachings, clothes, graven images, God, and spirit

Corinthians, Gospel of Thomas, Jude, sin, God, knowledge, and divine mystery

Proverb, Job, Isaiah, Corinthians, psalm of David, God, awe, wisdom, and wonder

Virgin Mary, virgin mind, immaculate conception, innocent mind, God, unknowing, and mystery

Meister Eckhart, Nikos Kazantzakis, Mary Magdalene, Osho, sin, and virgin wonder

Thomas Traherne, Sam Keen, childlike wonder, Cherubims, Eden, and becoming a child

Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Christ, the kingdom of Heaven, becoming as children

Eom Ida Mingle, God, virgin, Christ, the Kingdom of God, and divine innocence

Marion Woodman, Neville, Aleister Crowley, Osho, ecstasy, virgin mind, childhood, and God

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Osho, John Claypool, ecstasy, pure being, and childhood wonder

Walt Whitman, Dostoyevsky, Prince Myshkin, Jesus channeled, wonder, and the child within

CHAPTER 8: Necessary Newness

D. H. Lawrence, Jiddu Krishnamurti , newness, novelty, surrender, and the phoenix

Clarice Lispector, Osho, Richard Moss, forgetting oneself, understanding, and being new

J. Krishnamurti , Joseph Chilton Pearce, wholeness, wisdom, emptiness, and freedom

Metanoia, Aramaic, Lalla, Christ, Stepan Stulginsky, newness of mind, and repentance

John Bunyan, Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, newness, and wonder

Don Juan, Martin Heidegger, Georges de Chirico, creation, novelty, and eternal newness

Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker, Nicholas Roerich, Robert Graves, and apocalyptic newness

Marcel Proust, Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God, and becoming new

CHAPTER 9: Death and Resurrection

D. H. Lawrence, Icarus, heaven, hell, apocalypse, beauty, horror, and wonder

Henry Miller, Jouffrey, rapture, unknowing, the void, and this incomprehensible life

Riddley Walker, Colin Wilson, H. G. Wells, agoraphobia, novelty, pathos, and the outsider

Rene Daumal, H. G. Wells, Sam Keen, existence, enigma, mind, and this miraculous world

Rainer Maria Rilke, Dostoyevsky, alchemy, nigredo, albedo, rubedo, madness, and mysticism

Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies, alchemy, art, miracle, and being astonished

Stephen Larson, Leo Tolstoy, Mahatma Gandhi, alchemy, and the mystery of life

Don Juan, Chuck Spezzano, Aleister Crowley, meaninglessness, meaning, and the warrior

Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda, Henry Miller, reason, knowledge, terror, and the warrior

Jack Kerouac, Sam Keen, disorientation, and the apology for wonder

Andre Gide, Judith Handelsman, Blue Rodeo, magic, victory, intoxication, and euphoria

Aleister Crowley, Sri Ramakrishna, samadhi, rapture, ecstasy, wonder, and peace

Longchenpa, Richard Bach, Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker, Clarice Lispector, and wonder

Jack Kerouac, Hugh MacLennan, Arthur Machen, mystery, wonder, paradise, and wow

CHAPTER 10: The Mad and the Mystic

Dostoyevsky, Michael Peddie, genius, madness, Notes from Underground, and the abyss

Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Dostoyevsky, Ernest Becker, life, mystery, and the unknown

Clarice Lispector, Bhagavad Gita, enigma, conundrum, sacrifice, genius, and mystery

Jim Morrison, Antonin Artaud, Anais Nin, existence, infinity, madness, and ecstasy

Osho, Vaslav Nijinski, E. M. Cioran, strangeness, magic, madness, mankind, and mystery

Heinrich von Kleist, William Blake, Proverbs of Hell, lunacy, pathos, temerity, and madness

Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Woody Allen, Monty Python, ecstasy, stupidity, and laughing

Charles Bukowski, Nietzsche, megalomania, syphilis, genius, heroism, enigma, and mystery

Kahlil Gibran, Kallistos Ware, H. Rider Haggard, God, mystery, wisdom, and madness

Rimbaud, J. D. Salinger, G. K. Chesterton, David Goddard, cosmic consciousness, and being mad

Don Juan, Aleister Crowley, nirvana, Valhalla, the Holy Grail, holiness, and the Graal

CHAPTER 11: The Highest Unknowable

The Cloud of Unknowing, Rumi, Shankara, Brahma, God, limitation, and mystery

Kahlil Gibran, Krishnamurti , Meister Eckhart, mystery, God, mind, and the bodhisattva

Hermetica, Elaine Pagels, Gnostic Gospels, Nag Hammadi Library, God, and mystery

Osho, Mister God this is Anna, thought, knowing, being, and mystery

Joel Goldsmith, Nikos Kazantzakis, Sri Nisargaddata Maharaj, and infinite God

Henry Miller, June Singer, Proust, Jiddu Krishnamurti , and the Khandogya Upanishad

CHAPTER 12: The Immanence of Wonder

Hazrat Inayat Kahn, Joseph Campbell, Alipi, wonder, and the mystery of God

Hazrat Inayat Kahn, John Claypool, soul, and the mysterious Kingdom of God

Annie Dillard, Ernest Becker, Alan Watts, meaning, mystery, mind, and wonder

Jack Kerouac, Baha'u'llah, Osho, God, soul, mystery, you, and mysteriousness

E. M. Cioran, Nikos Kazantzakis, God, and the kun byed rgyal po'i mdo

Joel Goldsmith, Neale Donald Walsch, Shankara, God, consciousness, and mystery

Eom Ida Mingle, Neville, Alan Watts, Brahma, higher self, mystery, and God within

Rainer Maria Rilke, God, creation, and Letters from a Living Dead Man

Swamiji Shyam, Meister Eckhart, self, being, God, spirit, knowledge, and mystery

Henry Miller, Dag Hammarskjold, Zen Master Yuansou, effort, purpose, and original mind

Keats, Zen, the source, the creators, and the mystery of God

Richard Moss, Letters from a Living Dead Man, God, nirvana, and existence

Ramtha, Rabidrinath Tagore, Ernest Becker, Clarice Lispector, the unknown self, and God

Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Lao Tzu, Jean Paul Sartre, self, mind, awareness, and mystery

Osho, Ramtha, Jung, Jiddu Krishnamurit, E. M. Cioran, God, knowledge, and words

Lao Tzu, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Swamiji Shyam, consciousness, God, and self

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Antero Alli, Carl Jung, Lao Tzu, God, enlightenment, and mystery

Kahlil Gibran, Rainer Maria Rilke, Aleister Crowley, and alchemy, the great work

Joel Goldsmith, Ken Wilber, Dharmakaya, Brahman, God, Goddess, Maat, and godliness

St. Germain, I AM, the Nag Hammadi Library, and Conversations with God


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Henry Miller   Clarice Lispector   E. M. Cioran   Jiddu Krishnamurti   

excerpted from:


way of wonder, sacred geometry, sri yantra



THE WAY OF WONDER: a return to the mystery of ourselves

by Jack Haas

author Jack Haas, Canadian, American writer, artist, photographer













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