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 Lava flow and Pele :

          Pele and Lava, Big Island of Hawaii


              "Puna is a vast area of natural beauty which is populated by an abundance of hippies, new-agers, drifters, back-to-landers, dope growers, mystics, maniacs, musicians, artisans, dropouts, ex-pats, saints, and infidels. It is Babylon. Though it is not the Babylon separated from the Godhead, but the new Babylon, re-united to the spirit and yet still anchored to the earth. Terra firma, spiritus mundi.

                If the Big Island of Hawaii is the epicenter of the Mother Earth, with Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa soaring skyward as Her two bodacious fourteen-thousand-foot breasts, and the lava flow from Kilauea as Her ever-purging menses, then Puna is Her womb. And I am not being facetious.

                Indeed She is as alive and accessible in the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii, as any other place on Her entire earth body. In fact, I find it no strange coincidence that on Motherís Day of 2002, the largest volcano in the world, Mauna Loa, began to swell, and at the same time Kilauea stepped up its lava output, as if to announce Her true being to the world.

                It is in Puna where the orgasm of spirit and soul occurs, in Puna where the Fatherís invisible member enters the warm womb of the visible earth, in Puna where the Mother cums, grows heavy with child, gives birth, and then suckles her children. Puna is the matriarchal stronghold. It is where the Hawaiian Goddess Pele calls the shots.

                There are tales of large corporations attempting to create a foothold in the area, with the intention of building a resort and living off the fat of the land, as it were. But only tales remain. Each attempt at corporate or cosmopolitan insurrection has met with disaster, economic ruin, or a strategically placed magma flow, because this is one of the last places on the earth- which is Her body- where the Mother will not be fucked unwillingly.

                Pele is known for Her fire, Her anger, and Her love, for She is wild and unbridleable. The offerings most often presented to Her by Hawaiians seeking Her favor are gin and cigarettes, for She is dark and reckless, always ready for a party, and always ready for a fight. Love and fire. To whom She loves She gives the bounty of the earth, to whom She hates She destroys.

                There is a well known story told in Puna, of an old woman, said to have been a temporary manifestation of Pele, who wandered around the Kapoho area one day, in the 1960ís, going from house to house and asking at each door for some food and shelter, and being turned away by all until finally being taken in by the lighthouse keeper. Rumor has it that she left his place a few hours later, peacefully, and gratefully, and the next day a lava flow wiped out the entire village- except for the lighthouse keeperís home. To this day you can see where the flow parted to go around his house, and then rejoined so as to leave none of Her compassionless children unpunished. Love and fire. She takes care of some, and wreaks havoc on others. And who can blame Her.

                My own mother often said that if ever there was threat of harm to one of her children, she would turn into an unstoppable grizzly in order to rescue us, and I believe her. I believe that her love was so strong, that it could turn, when necessary, into a rage that no human could match. I believe this with all my soul, and as I write this I feel my body filling with shivers, and my eyes growing cloudy with tears, as if I can finally understand the love of a mother for her children.

                And now I take this understanding of a motherís love, given to me by my physical mother, and I wish the same for Gaia, Mother Earth, whose children are in danger, just as She is in danger herself. For the earth is now all but a dumping ground onto which we cast our limitless garbage, and I, for one, will be glad on the day She declares ďNo more!Ē

                No more. Enough is enough. I look forward to the day when the Motherís wrath, guided by the Fatherís vision, reclaims all that has been stolen from Her. And I believe this is possible, for She is not unaware. In fact, it is well understood on the Big Island that Pele will not let lava be taken off of the island without severe consequences. And there are many tales of tourists scoffing brashly at such local warnings and deciding to fly home with a little chunk of the Mother, and then of these unbelieving heathens mailing the lava back to the island, a few months later, in an attempt to appease the force now ruining their lives.

                Oh, She is a dark, ferocious, and unforgiving matriarch at times, this devouring female, Kali, Black Madonna, Green Tara, or Pele, call her what you will. She is your Mother, and She is vicious."


Excerpted from ROOTS AND WINGS : adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas           



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