Khajuraho, Tantric Sex, and the Kama Sutra
The following excerpts from books by Jack Haas, express the importance of our need to honor the act of making love, and to understand that erotic sex amongst lovers is a spiritual event which belongs in the foundation of any religion, as much as prayers, offerings, and sacrifice..

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    It is in and through this love union between a man and a woman that, I believe, we are wrenching back together the primordial duality which has caused the heavens and earth to be divided; for in the union of a couple's polarized souls, the universe, which is composed of opposed, involved, and dependent energies, is reunited in and through the love between a man and a woman, which brings about the orgasmic light of wholeness, of the spirit joining the flesh, and so binds the ancient fissure into the everlasting one.
    ...[we] entered without delay into the wild and harmonious, frantic and felicitous, shameless and lusting intercourse which caused the real energy to glow and grow around and through us, as it does with any couple making love like the Gods, and mating like wild beasts at the same time.
     Never had I experienced nor imagined possible the erotic energy created in the living cauldron of our ever-changing sexual methods, perversions, positions, and possibilities. It is amazing how many different movements, acrobatics, shifts, and thrusts two intertwined human bodies are capable of completing without losing the pelvic union. She and I conjoined intuitively, as if the complete tapestry of positions from the temple of Khajuraho were built naturally into our genetic code.
     The passion that burned between us, and the friction we produced as our two halves of the whole commingled in the copulative benediction made holy in its uncontrolled, uninhibited, and sensuously pornographic delight would have been enough to light an entire city, had the energy been harnessable. ...
Excerpted from ROOTS, AND WINGS: adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas, "The Kerouac of the new Millennium." (Frank Wolf, author of Blind Bay)
    ...And to be sure, there is nothing like coupling with a most willing, sensual, free-spirited woman, on the wild coast, under the greatest cedars the earth has ever produced, amongst all the glory of mother nature's finest. The two go hand in hand. For in the heart of every woman, just as in every man, is the unquenchable love of being naked with the earth.
     The Gods tossed us out of Eden, but they couldn't toss Eden out of us. It's as simple as that. At the center of every human being is the desire- the need- to be unclothed and frolicking, untamed through the untamed wilds with desire and passion in their souls.
     This understanding was well hidden from me in the puritanical denials of the east where I grew up. But not on the coast. It must be the salt air that loosens up the loins and sets us free to enjoy the more rudimentary pleasures.
     I remember driving out to Bamfield, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, with three young women one summer, then hiking out along Barkley Sound until we arrived at the beach where we planned to camp. I had not even time to put my pack down before not one of them had a stitch of clothing left on and they were suddenly splashing and swimming about and then taking photos of each other and I was watching the whole innocent burlesque show in disbelief.
     It was a similar experience the first time I went with a couple of buddies and a car load of women to one of the many geothermal pools which dot the coast, and I was joyously astounded to see how they, like we, couldn't wait to get to the tubs, strip down, and prance about in natural glee.
     I must have been cornered as a youngster by a demented Calvinist or something, because I had no clue that this kind of thing went on. But soon enough I had assimilated this delight into my working reality, and it was a solid fact that if you took a bottle of wine and one or more of the hussies out into the wilderness, all of the sudden you were Krishna with the gopis and the pastures were limitless.
     To take your lover from behind, doggy-style, on a big, flat rock overlooking the sea, is to inscribe the Kamasutra on the trade winds, and send your liberating incontinence across the entire frigid land.
Excerpted from IN, AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey, by Jack Haas.





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