Completion of The Work: Individuation
Jack Haas
    In the end, anyone who can find all opposites within their being- the male and female, east and west, good and evil, above and below- that person's self becomes the entire universe, and then there no longer is a self, only a clear and limitless banquet through and of and in which their consciousness, now the same as the cosmos, remains calm in the surfeit and silence while awakening within the dream. It is an awakening devoid of arrogation, of realization, of accomplishment, of pride, of joy, of sorrow, of nostalgia, or expectation. For it is an awakening to the night that hides within the day, and the day which lives within the night; an awakening where moon and sun consciousness merge beyond distinction into the quiescent realm where all elements are as if one; an awakening where water, air, matter and fire are distilled into a singular substance and song, where essence and form become each other, and the doingless doer is everything and none.
     A person is thus 'established', as the mystics describe, when the conscious and unconscious, the spirit and the flesh, the mind and body, are no longer mutually exclusive antipodes, but are instead integral and not dichotomized. That is when an integration occurs through which both the spirit and the body become new; the tangible is now intangible, and the intangible, tangible. Thus the inside reflects the outside, and the outside reflects the in. 
     This diamond-body exists outside of creation and destruction- which are symbolic and diabolic counterparts- because it is now complete. And therefore there is nothing more to create, and it is impossible to destroy. The individual is now beyond the duality of time, individuated, established, and eternal.
     But before the diamond-body comes about, the individual must find all dualities within him or herself, must accept and then transcend them, must be both male and female, good and evil, creator and destroyer, and so be neither of the opposites but a new and inviolable, non-contradictory aspect of the living whole. Then this aspect must also be released and the self must dissolve into the whole. For it is when the diamond-body condenses, and then explodes, like a subtle supernova, that the microcosmic aspect is sent like an infinity of crystal seeds throughout the rest of the cosmos, so as to join and be grafted and grow within, and as, the entire whole.
     To turn the lead into gold is to become the sun in the stone, for that is what gold is; it is the light of Sol in the darkness of matter, the spirit in the flesh, the Heavens within the Earth.
     To be gold is to be solid light upon the Earth, as immoveable as a cast-iron man, and yet as fluid as a sea of liquid metal; to be the same as the all, and yet distinguished from it- a moveable, indestructible, and yet ever-changing aspect of the great canvas onto which all life is painted; a flexing, flowing, and amorphous mercurial entity, able to assume all forms though possessing none, able to blend in and belong anywhere, though belonging to none, able to fill and complete an emptiness, or to vacate and unplug a void. Spirit and flesh, light and metal, gold, and yet not gold- the
sol-id aspects of Sol, now come to settle in the structure of matter, and therefore to vivify the moon caught in the gravity of Her own lightless being.
     Just as quicksilver is both solid and liquid, metal and molten, formed and yet free, to become the coagulated light of gold, is to bring the Father into the Mother, and to grow from the Son to the Sun, and so to become as solid as a rock, and yet as radiant as the sky.
     To turn that base metal within, into the glowing ore of God, is to protect your light with your own darkness, and so to be established, individuated, and inviolable, for now no breeze, no consciousness, nor will can shake you from your goal and station, for you have become yourself, and the world's ways part like phantoms in your wake.
Excerpted from Roots and Wings: adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas (Iconoclast Press, 2003)

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