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Inspirational poem : a free poem on the power of the inner self : free poetry







Inspirational poem : a free poem on the power of the inner self : free poetry


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the kingdom


Not-being is born out of being. If you ‘turn into’ IT, you turn ‘into’ IT. What exists within a structure results from that structure. What exists outside a structure becomes itself a structure, and then results from itself. The Mother and Father are born out of the Child.

It is through the not-I that the little I, and the big I, are each other.

Thus the ante has gone up: one must be born twice again in this life; once again in body, once again in spirit. To be, and to witness being, this is the new requirement. To be the Dreamer and the Dreamed, which is to say, the Whole Dream. To be Whole.

To live in the paradigm, and live outside of it- in the known and the unknown; to be concurrently ‘this’, and ‘not-this’; in and of, and not-of.

Everything is symbolic and real.

We belong both on earth and in heaven; hell is the distance between them.

Consubstantiation, however, is incorroborable, for who would say “I am the same as me.”? 

Indeed you have the fire in you, but that implies that you are the fire, and not as you just now suspected.

You need not seek the truth, you are the truth.

You need not pilgrimage through the forests, and deserts, and seas, tiring towards the kingdom; you are the kingdom, you need only now find the king.

Jack Haas


Excerpted from:


THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings

by Jack Haas










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