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Dark poetry : a sad poem, and yet a life poem







Christian poetry : a Christian poem about being a child of God


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Within us is a groundwater tide which rises and falls, swells and retreats, offers and takes, rushes and recedes, and though it beats upon no conspicuous shore, nor betrays a crash of surf, nor any breakers by which we might divine the medium in which we are obliviously drowning, and which we obliviously are, still like a man who struggles and struggles in quicksand, thrashing wildly to get out, who soon realizes that ultimately he is powerless, we know only after taking our last, desperate breath, that flailing in the mire ...that struggling was a mistake.

Yea, though his strength increases to Herculean proportions  ...a drowning man still drowns.

Jack Haas


Excerpted from:


THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings

by Jack Haas










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