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the dream of life, interpreting existence as a dream, and

The following excerpts from THE DREAM OF BEING: aphorisms, ideograms, and aislings, by Jack Haas, describe the dream-nature, or dream-quality of life; life is a dream, and we are dreamcatchers catching it.
the dream of being

It would be despairing if you existed only as a character in another person's dream, for the other would certainly want to be awakened. And yet to awaken them would amount to your own dissolution. So you would not awaken them; you would rather exist in a dream than not exist at all. But what if this dream is a nightmare of your self? That is: would you keep them sleeping, if the dreamer dreaming your being ...was you?

We dreamt that we were dreaming, and then that we were dreaming that we were dreaming, and then that the dreamer was not the dreamer but the dream. In the end there was no dreamer, only the dream of a dreamer; a dream dreaming a dreamer. We do not dream, we are dreamt. The Dream dreams the dreamer, then the dreamer dreams, then the dream of the dreamed dreamer dreams, and so on. The dream dreams the dreamer, the dreamer does not dream the dream.

Dream on dreamer.
You are but a dream-catcher.
And you are caught.


Life is the flower and the bee; you are merely the pollen-sac, filled and emptied, emptied and filled; you are the unpleasant absence without which neither flower, nor fruit, nor bee, would be.

You are not the sun, nor the mist, nor the sight with which light is viewed; you are the rainbow, eternity's transience, born dimming miraculously away; here and not here, gone and not gone. You alone dissipate, while the sun, the mist, and the eyes remain.

Dreams end. What ends is a dream.
Jack Haas has been called "The Kerouac of the new millennium."(FW) He is a wilderness explorer, world traveller, and shares his time between British Columbia, Hawaii, Ireland, and India.

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