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 Cosmic Christ :

          the Cosmic Christ within us all


               "The Christ is the center which is also the pinnacle, ever crucified into the new life, rising from the core of every plane, and pulling, like a great carpet, the entire cosmos upward. Like the topmost sprout of a growing pine tree, which appears as a cross, the Christ in all of us is the ever-changing form of an evolving humanity; the ‘son of man’ is the upward ascending yet earthbound rising newness, ever living and dying in, and as, the transforming flame of humanity’s furthest reachings.

                To be human is to be Christ, which is to be the intersection of the entire menagerie of visible and invisible realms, and to be bisected and constructed by the push and pull of these infinite, unique radiations of the cosmos. For the Christ is not a separate entity, nor is the Christ a separated entity, because the Christ is non-division itself, which is cosmic union, the marriage of all dualities. Christ is One, the Noah of now, carrying every pair of opposites across the tempest of spirit and into tomorrow. And this Christ is the absence which creates the whole, and therefore the Christ is the whole. The hole is the whole, which is the last stage of the microcosm, the last agony of separation, the last growth on the skyward tree. The blastema. The last to grow, the first in height. The first and the last.

  And this Christ is not a person, for the Christ is the event of individual abdication of self-ownership, opening up into harmonious, sublime, undichotomized being, in which the unfoldment of life occurs synchronistically within and without the now unseparated individual, who is still individual.

  Christ is the one within, who does not bother with mankind but trusts God in all things, which is the absolute surrender of personal interpretation, which is an offering that affirms “Thy Will be done”, which is the end of the ego. For with the utterance of such a statement a person becomes disinterested- they lose interest- for to truly say “Thy Will be done” eliminates the possibility of interest, for what interest have they now in matters? What’s done is done. They let it be, and fall away, and are set free without having done anything.

  As such perhaps there is no such thing as a saint after all, for miracles are performed in the saint’s presence because of their absolute faith in the infinite possibility of spirit. The saint does nothing, but only abdicates his or her being, thus creating the option for divinity to occur in their stead. And that very abdication is divinity’s first act, wherein the chastening flame descends so as to eviscerate the unlucky candidate through whom the spirit desires to operate, and thus the saint dies so that God can live. But also God lives so that the saint can die.

  Redemption is thus empty, and yet full of sacrifice, for the closer you come to yourself, to the force which creates you, and to happiness, the closer you come to the possibility of true sacrifice, for then you understand the value of what it is you relinquish- the cost to yourself to acquire it, and the subsequent cost to release it. But you know also the psychic economy of such a decision, and why it must be made, and why you will make it, and why you will be the only one who will ever know."


Excerpted from ROOTS AND WINGS : adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas           


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