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If you love the wilderness, then British Columbia is the destination for you. Below you will find excerpts from IN, AND OF: memoirs of a mystic journey, by Jack Haas. If you are hesitating about whether you will come to British Columbia or not, read this, and you will come.
    "...My life on the coast would become a series of comings and goings- a migration of sorts, from the...cosmopolitan clime, to the verdant lands full of sustenance and hope. I went out, time and again, to sift away the ore and try to find the living gold scattered thinly within the limitless dross. My peregrinations most often sprang from the hub of my movements, Vancouver, and widened out, covering from Northern California, up along the west coast of Vancouver Island, to the Queen Charlotte Islands, and into the Alaskan panhandle. It was in these places, where the mighty trees meet the pounding surf, that I held communion with the land and spirits therein, with the unique individuals who willfully populate these remote and untamed places, with God, and, most importantly ...with myself.
     Were it not for these stretches of awe-inspiring, deserted, primordial wilderness, untainted nor scarred by the likes of men, I would surely have passed from this earth long ago. Were it not for the sweeping cedars, the awkward croon of the ravens, the peace of the eagle, the untamable spirit of the bear, and the freedom and abundance which is a gift of the sea, I would have gone crazy amongst a society for which I had grown sour early in life, and for which I held little need, little respect, and little expectation.
     To wander amongst the great forests of the Pacific Northwest- or what little is left of them- is to live and grow under the glorious canopies of ancient hemlocks, towering Sitka spruces, and gigantic redwoods; it is to have the existences of these titanic organisms implanted within your very being, so that you become like a grafted branch, no longer yourself only, but a part of the land as well.
    And so the grand and virgin cedar forests and wild coast of British Columbia, dotted with softly tinted islands running out forever in the mist of the setting sun, would bring me to a voiceless, lonely rapture and open me up like a vacuum, sucking all of mankind's dross and memory from my core, for it was on this part of the great orb, amongst the magnificent forests, the crashing surf, and the unknowable wildness of it all, that I had become intoxicated with the earth.
     I have never known such uncluttered beauty as exists out there on the coast. It must be how the soft light mingles up from the ocean and onto each successive island, until the sky is reached, and the panorama sits like a shifting water color of gentle hues composed of no color the mind can capture, for it is not a color, it is a feel. ...
    ....the coast of British Columbia is like nowhere else I've ever been on the planet. Where the remaining giant stands of cedar and spruce have grown into a magnificent, other-worldly, thriving organism of tangled and intertwined biotica and biomass unequalled anywhere; all one great life, seething all about and in and through itself. Where the gothic giants are carpeted down below by a generous layer of the most verdant green moss the eye can take in. Where the ocean offers up its delicious gifts and abundance, pelagic monstrosities play about in the depths, a limitless swarm of sea-birds float and swim about, and there is always enough driftwood to cook your bounty and hang your tarp over; and where the rainbow is more common than the moon...
    ...I can say now that I am a living part of the west coast, and it is a part of me; such a part of me that where it ends and I begin I cannot tell. We grew together and in doing so melded ourselves into each other, and even now I can feel the trees and sea and mountains moving in me, not separate from myself, but of myself, and I know that I am also there, out on the isolated, windswept beaches, and amongst the forest and the hills. I feel myself within the land which I grew to love and married my spirit into. And even as I leave, I know we will never be truly apart, for we have woven our separate fabrics into each other."
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Jack Haas, on the wild west coast of British Columbia.

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