Book Editor : Jack Haas

In between writing my own books, I am available as a book editor.
    If you have a writing project which needs editing or proof-reading, I charge a standard editing rate of $15.00 US per page. This fee is negotiable depending on the complexity of the project.
    My editorial services include content development, structural input, thematic organization, spelling, grammar, and technical formatting.
    What this means is that I will provide an indepth analysis of your work, including subjective and objective criticism, as well as providing fundamental writing suggestions and editorial ideas.
   My intent is to help you create a polished work that will deliver the message you desire in a voice that belongs to the topic and/or genre.
   You can take a look at my own books, and read some opening pages, to get an idea of the quality I am interested in producing. To do so,
click here.

   I can do the editing either in a Word document sent to me as an email attachment, or on a hard-copy, printed on one side only, double spaced.

   For any questions, or to see if I am available at the moment to take on your project, please email me at:

   Thanks for your interest,
   Jack Haas
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