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Astrologer, astrology, charlatan, and quack :

one man's story of needing inner guidance above all


               "One fellow I met in a dirty little restaurant in the old city of Delhi, was a long-haired Brit who had come to India for a number of reasons, one of which was to seek out a venerated astrologer living in the area. This Brit, Thomas, had read a few books by the astrologer, but had not considered visiting him until a month earlier, when, back in England, Thomas had the inspiration that he should go to India. Although he was penniless at the moment of his inspiration, circumstances worked in his favor- as they do when providence is at the wheel- providing him, within little more than a month, enough money to undertake the inspired journey, and there he was.

                He and I spent a number of evenings together, sitting on the rooftop of the Camron Lodge, drinking rum, and discussing the subtle forces and subliminal fields which create the conditions of one’s life and destiny. Thomas had a wise carelessness about him, which made him a pleasant companion, though this unconcerned disposition of his was largely due to the fact that he had fatalistically given himself over to impervious powers, which were in control of his life today and forever. It was this acceptance of his powerlessness which gave him such apparent equanimity and poise. However, one day he came to my hotel room a broken man. He had just come from seeing his astrological idol, who had read his charts, and failure was written all over Thomas’ face.

                Apparently the highly respected star-reader had told Thomas that he was on the completely wrong path, and that he should give up his metaphysical yearnings, return to England, go to a trade college, and learn some sort of useful workingman’s occupation. Thomas was devastated. And not only that, he was in full confidence that this guru was correct.

                I was in disbelief, although I can see now that Thomas’s seemingly unshakable nonchalance and inner peace were merely phantoms easily extinguished the moment his idealistic beliefs turned against him. Which is to say that all was well and good with him when he was a seeker, a wanderer, and man of the spirit, but it all turned sour when he became a ditch-digger or an electrician, which were the types of fate that he now seemed reluctant and yet determined to accept.

                Well, I gave it my best shot to convince him that this astrologer was a charlatan- as all ‘experts’ are charlatans, no matter what their faculty- and tried to persuade him that there was only one voice worthy of listening to- his own. I’m not certain how well I succeeded, however, because when a person has given their power away, and wants to give it away, there is little chance of helping them win it back.

                Thomas and I parted a few days later, and off he went to whatever demoralized destiny he had finally accepted, and off I went to the one I had accepted."


Excerpted from ROOTS AND WINGS: adventures of a spirit on earth, by Jack Haas           




















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