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HER: the sacred naked mother earth, and the divine feminine soul

by Jack Haas


Text excerpts from the book accompanied by small, low-resolution gif images:

introduction   Feminine spirit poem: Lilith returns to earth   Lilith poem   Inanna, Goddess of Sumeria   Euronyme    Ramprasad Sen poem   Shechinah   returning to earth poem   Psyche and Plato   Issa, the eastern Christ   Orphic Hymn to Gaia   Morning prayer to Isis   Yah Devi   Sophia Wisdom   Sophia and alchemy   Proverbs quote   Hesiod poem   God and grace poem   Charge of the Goddess   Ramprasad Sen, devotion   the eternal feminine   Hildegard of (von) Bingen poem   Isis, Mother of All   Gaia, Mother Earth   Charge of the Dark Goddess   Susun Weed   Feminine spirit poems   Prayer to Quan Yin   Tara, Goddess   Osho quote   Avalon   union of spirit and flesh   Isis quote   Parvati   Carl Jung quote   Shakti   Lao Tzu 1   Tarot interpretation   Lao Tzu 2   Tarot card   Sophia naked   earth ascension   Rainer Maria Rilke   Wholeness   Gnosticism   Ralph Waldo Emerson   heaven and earth   Divine Mother Goddess   Joseph Campbell   Sophia, eternal soul   perfection of wisdom   Motherly Buddha   Tantric prayer   Inspirational poem, closing thoughts 




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